Virtual Exhibitions

Pricing Structure

We will be delighted to give you
a precise quote for your virtual exhibition however
to give you an indication of our pricing structure
a 3-month exhibition of up to 30 pictures,
including text and graphics will cost £400 GBP

For exhibitions of more than 30 images
quotes will be provided on request

Further Services

Publication Extensions

Each exhibition will run for a period of 3 months.
After this the publication time of the exhibition
can be extended on request for £30 per month

Social Media Suite of Assets

We can provide a suite of assets for your
own promotion comprising four bespoke pieces
suitable for Facebook, Twitter and Instagram
(2 video files and 2 picture files)
£100 GBP

Minor updates to your exhibition is included
(for example, marking pieces as ‘Sold’)
No commission will be due on any artwork sold